Who Will Win The 2021-2022 Premier League Season?

The Premier League season has been underway for a couple of weeks now, with many teams already having played their first matches. A look at the soccer news latest developments shows tight standings at the top, with five teams having the maximum points after a couple of matches. But the end of the season is very far away, with a lot of room for change. Still, we can speculate on the potential winner of the new Premier League season based on the signings the clubs completed and their performance in the past.

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The Spurs have been under the threat of losing one of their key players – Harry Kane was rumoured to leave the club to continue playing with Manchester City. The club lost a lot of its confidence under the old manager but their two wins so far, along with Kane’s decision to stick around – will restore a lot of it.

The team’s performance depends on many factors – not just the players’ talent but the circumstances of the games themselves – but so far, it looks like the Spurs may have a few surprises up their sleeves this year. Maybe not of the title-type but still big enough for a more than decent performance this season.

Manchester City

Manchester City didn’t sign Harry Kane – and with him, their chances of retaining their title are getting slim. So far, they played two matches and lost one – and their rivals for the title have performed better. Jack Grealish is a great addition to the squad but not enough to overtake some of their rivals in the season that have also strengthened their ranks with a bunch of talented footballers.

Manchester United

Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane are the new additions to the Red Devils’ side that will provide a much stronger defence than before. Plus, Pogba has returned to form in an impressive way, offering the team an edge once again.

Marcus Rashford may be sidelined until the late fall but once he returns, the chances of Manchester City to win will improve significantly.


Chelsea did great last year, finishing the season in the top 3. This year, its spear has received a new tip: Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, who has already proven his worth on the turf.

Last season, Chelsea impressed fans in every area except its attack. This year, we can predict that the team will perform much better, with a strong chance to win the title.


Liverpool has won its first two matches of the season and is now third (with the same number of points as the first two, by goal difference). Apparently, the return of Virgil van Dijk and the arrival of Ibrahima Konate has given the team the edge it needed to have a shot at it once again.

Besides, Liverpool fans are back at the stadiums – and this is one of the things that has always worked miracles for the Reds. It may be just what the club needs to have a shot at the title in the current season.