Which is Better? Casino Gambling VS Sports Handicap Betting

Gambling and handicap betting are increasingly popular in present times and that leads to the natural question of which of the two is better. If you’re curious to find out the answer to that question, keep reading this article and, as a bonus, you will also get some premium handicap betting tips.

Long gone are the days when gambling and handicap betting were considered niche activities that were only enjoyed by a small category of people, mostly connoisseurs. Nowadays, there are millions of punters worldwide in both online and offline casinos and sportsbooks and the evolution of technology and development of new, smarter mobile gadgets has helped speed up spreading the popularity of this very interesting endeavor.  Since they’re both products of the gambling industry, handicap betting and casino gambling are in a constant competition to win more punters and in this article,  you will get the chance to access some of their strong and weak points, as well as some handicap betting tips and gambling advice.

A Constant Debate

The truth is that there’s nobody that can clearly state one is definitely better than the other or determine a ‘winner’ between handicap betting and gambling. There are a lot of players that will enjoy both in equal measure, while a handicap betting fanatic will try some slots every now and then but will spend most of their money at a sportsbook. The same goes for casino enthusiast that will occasionally try their luck with some innocent handicap betting tickets just to get some diversity and increase the dose of fun.

Handicap Betting vs Casino Gambling – A Financial Perspective

If there’s no clear delimitation between casino players and handicap betting enthusiasts, when you get down to the raw numbers, you will clearly see that there’s a favorite between the two. No matter if you’re referring to the online casinos or their land-based counterparts, casino gambling does better than handicap betting, no matter how many handicap betting tips websites promote this activity on the internet. Not only that the total revenue of gambling is greater than the one of handicap betting but the overall growth over time is also looking better. Ever since sports betting evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, it has registered a constant growth of 5%. That is more than alright and it clearly indicates a healthy business model and that things are going well, however, over the same period of time, online gambling registered a growth of 8% .

Furthermore, the handicap betting market even registered a slight decline from 14% back in 2007 to 13.9% in 2014. Another statistic to back up the financial superiority of casino gambling over handicap betting is the ones that registers the market share of online casinos that rose from 32% to 35.2% in the last 7 years.


Differences Between Casino Gambling and Handicap Betting

The figures presented above seem to be backed-up by the way each gambling product works. If you consider casino gambling, the casino also has an edge, a mathematical formula establishes this edge and no matter the skill and luck of a player, this certain percentage will always remain in the house. One way to turn this situation around is by hitting a jackpot and then stop playing altogether. Otherwise, on the long run, the player will end up losing more than he or she wins.

Handicap betting, on the other hand, even though it doesn’t have a fixed edge percentage, uses a similar system. The odds that are offered for certain sporting events are constructed in such a way that the house should always receive more revenue out of the losing bets than what they have to pay to the winners. But luck and intuition, corroborated with some accurate handicap betting tips, help punters to break this pattern and sometimes win more than the total revenue the bookmaker cashes in on a certain match or sporting event.

Another major difference between the casino gambling and handicap betting comes from the fact that the software providers that supply online casinos with slots and table games are always cooking-up new, attractive and entertaining games which help engage more and more players every month in their quest to enjoy free spins no deposit win real money.


Bottom Line

All things considered, both the casino gambling and handicap betting industries are very profitable and neither shows signs of slowing down in their continuous growth. The development of new technologies and even more intuitive gaming methods such as VR or AR will certainly help handicap betting and casino gambling break new records.