What are Newcastle’s chances for next year’s Premier League?

Newcastle’s successes have been up and down over the years. They haven’t always been able to go as far as they would like or perhaps even than they had the potential to. But things are looking up for them in this season and beyond, and many are wondering whether they have it in them to go all the way next season. Well, what are their odds for next years’ Premier League? Let’s look at a few different facts to find out. 


Newcastle’s recent success 

Let’s first look at the team’s recent success to get an idea of why they might be in with a good chance of next year’s title. Newcastle are currently on a solid streak of victories, broken up only by a single draw. They took Tottenham 2-1 on the 23rd of October, and Everton 1-0 the Wednesday before that. Before that was when they drew with United, neither side scoring nor conceding. 

But before that was one of the victories that has really gotten people talking. On their Saturday 8th October game, they slammed Brentford 5-1. Brentford may not be the most difficult opponents in the league, but they are a League team nonetheless. This is a staggering victory for Newcastle. 

Just a week before that, they smashed Fulham 4-1. Scoring nine goals in two consecutive games is really quite a stunning achievement, and goes to show just what top-form the Newcastle boys are currently on. Though their earlier season performance may not have been quite as good, losing to Liverpool, and drawing with Wolverhampton and Manchester City, the fact that they are showing such sharp improvement is really promising. 

Not to mention that they managed to score three goals in their draw against Man City, who are favourites to win the league, too. 

If they can carry this stellar performance through to the rest of this season, then they will be on perfect form to win the whole League next year. What can they hope for the future, then?  

Hopes for the future 

The big factor for Newcastle is going to be keeping up the momentum they have built. As we’ve seen, their performance has been steadily increasing over the last few months, to the point that they are winning huge victories in multiple games in a row. 

But they face tougher teams and tougher games ahead, so there’s going to need to be a great deal of strategy involved. Again, the biggest problem for a team in this position tends to be getting complacent, relying too heavily on confidence rather than the determination that has gotten them this far. 

So, who are the favourites that Newcastle will need to beat to come out on top? 

Favourites to beat 

As always, the same handful of teams does dominate the leading odds for winning the League. Man City are currently the favourites with odds of 4/6. Taking them down will be a big task for Newcastle, but not one that’s beyond them entirely. 

Next, Liverpool, at 2/1 odds, and given recent defeats to the reds, Newcastle will have to put some work in to beat them for the title.

If they are able to get to grips with landing victories with these two teams, then they have every chance of winning. Their present performance, if they maintain their steady uptick in quality, could well be enough to beat the other favourites, Chelsea, Tottenham, United, and Arsenal. 

The odds aren’t exactly short, then, but Newcastle have a very good chance of winning next year’s Premier League. 

So, the truth is that Newcastle have every chance of coming out on top next season. That said, it’s still going to take some work to get there. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen with a great deal of effort and commitment. But Newcastle are in a position where they more than deserve the chance at the top title, so we are all holding our breath for them.