Taking a Flutter on the Football

The European football season is now well and truly here, and with the “silly season” that is the transfer window finally brought to an end, we can stop worrying about who is going where and settle down to the serious business of some top flight matches.

betting on football

Whether you are drawn to the UK Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, the Bundesliga in Germany or one of the other European leagues, one thing is for sure: Watching a match is that bit more exciting if you have a little money resting on the outcome. Here’s our guide to coming out on top.

Where to bet

A few years ago, to place a bet on a football match, it was a case of walking into a bookmaker’s shop, filling out a slip and handing it in at the counter. Of course, you can still do just that, but today, the vast majority of bets are placed online. There are plenty of websites out there and a whole host of new betting sites for 2017. You will find that they all offer slightly different odds, and there are plenty of great offers for new members, so it is definitely worth checking out several to find the best place to stake your wager.

Be objective

If you want to bet on your favourite team for fun, then go right ahead. At the end of the day, if they win, you will have double the celebration because you will also have some money in your pocket. However, the serious sports gambler who wants to make money will keep emotion well out of the equation by studying odds and form to decide how he should place his bet.

Stay up to date

We mentioned “silly season” earlier, but actually, the most successful football gamblers will have been watching the comings and goings during the transfer window like a hawk – in fact, many even had some money on who would end up where! Now that we are in the season proper, those transfers will have a serious impact on both the outcomes and the odds available.

Types of bet

In the old days, you would simply bet on Tottenham to beat Chelsea, or perhaps on how many goals would be scored. These days, there are far more complex bets you can place. These include who will score the first or last goal, when it will be scored and the slightly more complex but potentially lucrative Asian Handicap bets. The other major gamechanger in the digital age is that you can place your bet after the game has started, at which point the odds are liable to alter drastically and rapidly.

Be organised

If you take your betting seriously, it is a good idea to keep a record of your wagers. That way, you can look back and see where you are succeeding or failing. Like all things, practice makes perfect and learning from your mistakes is one of the most important keys to future success.