Super 6 predictions for this weekend

It’s likely that you’d visit SkyBet to place a bet on the weekend’s football action or another sport that you’re interested in, but there’s more to the bookmaker than just betting, such as the Soccer Saturday Super 6, which offers the opportunity to take as much as £1 million based on the outcome of six football matches.


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The game easily ranks as being the most popular on any bookmaker website through the potential jackpot at stake, leading to punters making sure they’ve locked in their Super 6 predictions today in preparation for the next gameweek. Other free-to-play bookmaker games have been released since the SkyBet Super 6 started, but it’s unlikely that anything will be quite as exciting in the eyes of frequent bettors, and it’s even more worthwhile with you not needing to place a single penny in order to take part.

Sky Bet Super 6 terms and conditions

Before having a go at the Soccer Saturday Super 6, it would make sense to learn everything about it to enhance your chances of winning. The game itself surrounds six football fixtures that are hand-picked by SkyBet, where you’ll only be crowned as a Super 6 winner if you can correctly identify all six final scores. This means that even if you’re one goal off, you won’t take the cash prize on offer, but if nobody wins and your prediction comes the closest, you’ll take a £5,000 runner-up prize.

There is a deadline for your entries which typically occurs when the earliest football fixture kicks-off. If you’ve seen something insightful from a football betting tips website or just have a change of heart, you can always alter your Super 6 tips by going back to the SkyBet website or app and making changes before your selections are locked in. It’s also important to assure that you’ve included your Golden Goal Prediction, which focuses on the minute of the first goal from all six games, working as a tie-breaker in the event of two winners.

Winning the Super 6

As you would expect, the massive cash prize up for grabs with playing Sky Super 6 is only available with it being so difficult to predict all six final scores. The main thing to consider when looking at making your Super 6 predictions is how you expect each game will play out.

For instance, if Manchester City are hosting West Ham United, it’s likely that Manchester City will win but then you need to work out how many goals they’ll score and if they’re likely to concede. One goal is enough to ruin your bet, so it’s best to go with your gut instinct or you’ll be left feeling frustrated by what could have been.