Sky Bet offers for new and existing customers

For every punter who focuses their attention to a specific sport, there is also a bookmaker capable of covering all betting markets for that chosen sport. While this is true for a lot of bookies who choose to specialise in some sports over other just as exciting alternatives, Sky Bet offers their customers with plenty of options for placing bets on every sport on the market, making betting even easier to indulge in.

It’s no surprise to see football being the sport with the most coverage but this is to be expected with the demand from the endless number of football fans across the country, as well as the many different ways that Sky Bet betting markets are able to cover every possible outcome. That being said, you’ll still find all other mainstream sports covered by SkyBet – including even the lesser known betting sports – so they clearly work tirelessly to cater to their enormous nationwide following.

If you haven’t delved into Sky Bet before and don’t have an account, then you’re missing out. Sky Bet new offers for customers can be extremely appealing to a wide array of punters both new and experienced. Don’t know about Sky Bet’s offers yet? Well let’s take a look at some of them…

Popular features on SkyBet include:

Price Boost

All experienced punters will recognise how crucial it is to get the best bookmaker price on the market, as there’s nothing worse than winning a bet, only to find that you could have backed it at bigger odds, which would have meant more winnings in your account. Through always keeping an eye on the most popular selections over the current day and for upcoming events, Sky Bet offers their customers enhanced prices that keep them checking back to see which markets they’ve boosted next.

Soccer Saturday Super 6

Although it’s unlikely that you’d make a SkyBet account just to take part in the Super 6, it’s a fantastic way of keeping customers returning every week. All you need to do is predict the six scorelines for six chosen football fixtures and if you get them all right, you could win anywhere between £5,000 and £1 million. It’s easy to enter in your Super 6 predictions and if you struggle, you can even get help on social media, with people like Oddschanger openly indulging in it and offering their thoughts on the next Super 6 gameweek to their many followers.

SkyBet Club

After the obvious pull of the Sky Bet Super 6, the bookmaker also offers different reasons to keep checking back with them frequently. One of the most popular existing customer offers is Sky Bet Club, where you’re given a regular £5 free bet every Monday for each time that you’re able to spend £25 or over on bets in the previous week. This is a service which needs SkyBet customers to opt-in to be rewarded with their SkyBet free bet, but it makes it more worth sticking by them if you’ve placed several bets in the week prior.