Italian Serie A 2017-18 Matches – A Concise Highlight

In the last two decade number of games has achieved overwhelming response and beyond the expected position in international sports. What drives a spectator to the stadium or playground is his/her passion for the different type of the games or matches taking place from time to time at the various locations across the world.

Today there are many international matches played in different seasons. Some last for a couple of weeks, some for months and others almost a year. One of the most popular fixtures loved by the millions around the globe is well-known as ‘Italian Serie A’ organized every year.

Gonzalo Higuain of Juventus

The opening ceremony of ‘Italian Serie A 2017-18 Season’ was organized with the grand event on August 19-20th. The Champions League will last until May 20, 2018. No passionate game lover can afford to miss the extremely exciting fixtures. You can plan your tour to encourage the players gathering from the different corners of the continent. Book your ticket without any delay!

A brief on Serie A

Let me present brief information about ‘Serie A’ for all the new readers of new football fans. Serie A is a world famous professional football league played by the different football clubs coming from varied regions. Founded in the year 1898 officially, it is originated in the country Italy. There are 20 teams and the confederation is UEFA.

The associated domestic cups include Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana while the international cups include UEFA Champions League and UEFA European League. The most championships are owned by Juventus (33 Titles) and the current championship is in the name of Juventus (33rd Title). It is one of the extremely sought football league in the football match history.

At present, it is organized every year and it is a great fun watching the live matches.

Italian Serie A 2017-18 – Napoli and Juventus all prepared for the consistent wins

The two champion teams are again ready to maintain the right start and continue until the end of the season. Each team has worked hard, practiced a lot and has geared up for the Championship title. The viewers will certainly have interesting matches to witness live at the playground and from home.

The people watching the matches at many times enjoy breathtaking moments. The team Juventus have not succeeded in making the big splash performed over the last few years and a little carelessness can make the competition challenging against the major defender Leonardo Bonucci set to win over AC Milan. This Summer Milan has proved numerous positive signs and seems to challenge the championship for the first time. AS Roma have suffered sweating summer, Napoli is excited and hopes for the good fate this season while Inter Milan has done extensive changes.

The field seemed quite open for the newcomers to claim the “Serie A Title” after the domination of Juventus in Italy. It was actually difficult to predict the campaign Serie A because of the tough competition amidst the champion teams.

The Match Highlights

Ahead of their home game on Tuesday against Feyenoord – Dutch side on Tuesday, Napoli traveled to SPAL, the struggling new teams.

The consecutive title winners Juventus happen to lose their first Champions League match 3-0 against Barcelona.

The Naples is ahead with 19 points in comparison to Juventus winning 15 points leading with four points against Juventus. The goal difference is not very big for the champions. The team Napoli and Juventus are jointly on top of the Italian Serie A League.

Torino has become a big threat for both the champs who had won the Serie A in the year 1976 have become unbeatable with 11 points in its account. A good improvement can be seen in the way they play.

In the month of May, Gonzalo Higuain grabbed a 1-1 draw for Juventus in their last match.

Roma – the third challenger of Italy’s Champion League are on their path to victory after the grand successive wins over Verona and Benevento.

After losing in Ukraine to Shakhtar Donetsk, Napoli is on the good move towards the further wins. The people had a chance to enjoy the exciting match between the two teams.

Prior traveling to Azerbaijan to compete Qarabag, Roma representing Udinese was a point above the drop zone even after four defeats.

AC Milan – the conurbation opponents was a point behind before traveling to Sampdoria while Inter Milan was behind the champions with third two points after the win was stuck at Bologna with 1-1.

Notable Things in Serie A  

Strong competitors like Inter Milan and AC Milan have done noteworthy changes while the champion teams such as Napoli and Juventus have not made any big change this season. Juventus seem have not learned and improved their playing strategy even after the loss of Leonardo Bonucci.

No one can deny the current fact that both Milan sides are the big threat for all the teams. The thing observed is Juventus still have been the favorite team this year too. Team Juventus, the Milan clubs, Roma, Napoli, and Lazio are ahead of the Viola while Torino and Sampdoria are on the same level as earlier.

For the game lovers, it is the best time to spend long holidays with your family or friends watching your favorite players competing live. You can become the witness of some unexpected miracles. These fixtures are a successful time for people involved in betting business. Some earn while the others lose. Also, do remember that you don’t need to be Italian to bet on the Italian Serie A matches giving you the golden opportunity to try your fate.

You can explore online for the detailed calendar and get the latest updates every day. You can also follow us for the match previews, news, and results.

For all the Serie A fans across the globe, 2017-18 will prove to be one of the most awaited Champions League. It will be too early to predict anything at this moment. So keep following us for more on the season 2017-18 fixture. According to the experts, this Italian Serie A 2017-18 Fixture is definitely going to be one of the most memorable events for the 20 competing teams.