Can Roulette Betting Strategies Help Your Sports Betting?

In terms of technological advancements, the 21st century has brought many beneficial changes with it and there’s no better example of this than the iGaming industry. The ease of use and immediacy that online betting provides has largely contributed to the online gambling industry overall becoming one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing markets on the planet.

According to Statista, the online gambling industry is projected to rise to $59.79 billion from the $37.91 billion dollars it was worth back in 2015. Whilst there is now a wider range of games available than ever before, the two most popular types of betting continue to be online casino games and sports betting. Although the two appear to be different experiences on the surface, the main objective of garnering a profit whilst maintaining some level of enjoyment remains the same.

With that being said, comparisons between the two in terms of strategy can provide a useful resource for those who are looking to maximise their chances of taking home a profit.

Risk Tolerance

Risk Tolerance is defined by the Financial Dictionary as “the extent to which you as an investor are comfortable with the risk of losing money on an investment”. One of the most necessary skills with regards to betting of any kind is the ability to be able to take a loss and know when the right time is to try either recoup some of these losses or simply walk away. It’s absolutely vital for any gambler – be they casual or professional – to realise that it’s impossible to win every single bet you put on. An important part of being an effective roulette or sports bettor is being able to handle the inevitable swings associated with gambling of any kind.

Perhaps more than any other casino game, roulette lends itself to teaching a betting strategy or two to all of us. There are numerous roulette betting strategies that contain elements and skills which can then be transferred over into the sports betting world to maximise the chances of gaining an advantage and ultimately a profit.


The D’Alembert

Widely regarded as one of the most reliable roulette strategies, The D’Alembert method involves increasing your betting stake after a loss and decreasing your stake after you make a profit. The method is named after French mathematician Jean Le Rond D’Alembert, with books such as Online Roulette: The Winning Rules available to consult for the finer details of the system. The basic premise is to pick a starting bet and then increase or decrease this bet by one unit depending on whether your last bet is successful or not. This technique is part of many bettors’ strategy, with the idea behind it is that once you’ve achieved as many wins as you have losses when betting on roulette, you’ll be in profit on account of the number of higher winning bets you’ve placed. In terms of sports betting, this can be a particularly useful method to employ with regards to football and some of the other more popular sports, owing to the fact that you are able to start with a larger pot than you normally would with the addition of bonus offers and free bets from various bookmakers.

The Paroli

The Paroli strategy may seem risky on the face of it but if employed properly, it can yield greater returns than some of the more conservative roulette strategies. The Paroli method involves increasing your betting stake after a win, with the most popular approach involving doubling your stake after a successful bet until you achieve a winning streak of three. For example, if your first successful bet is £1, your second bet should be £2 and then you should keep doubling your stake until you achieve a winning streak of three, thus returning to your original £1 stake with a decent pot of money to start again with. In theory, this method should be extremely transferrable to sports betting owing to the fact that there’s a greater degree of control of what you choose to put your money on. For example, if you’re close to completing your sequence of three successful sporting bets using this system, you could always opt to back a heavy favourite on your final bet to maximise your chances of a return.

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The Sensible Head Always Comes Out on Top

It’s important to keep a clear mind, no matter whether you’re trying your hand at sports betting or taking part in an online casino game. There are numerous studies and books available over at eBay with regards to the state of mind known as tilt for example, which is a psychological state where players tend to throw caution to the wind and abandon all reasonable thought in the pursuit of recouping their losses. No matter what strategy you choose to employ, it’s important that every decision you made is done with due consideration and if possible, some proper research beforehand in order to minimise the chances of making any significant losses. This is especially relevant with regards to sports betting, where studying past trends and form can give you a significant advantage and tip the scales in your favour when trying to beat the bookie.